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The celebrations continue in this lovely picture looking down Southgate. The Boars Head Hotel on the left no longer exists and the Rose and Crown Hotel was demolished to make way for the Marks and Spencers store, (now Wilkinsons).
Unmistakable joy in this evocative picture. Double summertime during the war meant that there was still daylight at 10pm. The electrical store of Fred Moores was in the town for very many years until the 1990s. This street is now pedestrianised.
These busy shopping streets are little changed today, apart from being considerably cleaner! The building on the left on Southgate was rebuilt and was for many years a Woolworth's. The Northgate view on the right shows the buildings which were…
This view is little changed today with the exception of the canopies and of course the carts and horses. And the stonework is considerably cleaner today. Postcard dated 1908.
The right hand side of the street here is very little changed since this photograph was taken. The fine facade of the Borough market remains intact today, although the street is pedestrianised. The clock tower of the Town Hall can be seen mid shot…
Postcard dated October 1913.
Shops adjacent to St Paul's Methodist Church
The sketch and description are from The Calderdale Sketch Book by J. L. Berbiers, published in 1973 by The Halifax Courier Ltd.

Moves to establish a pedestrian precinct in Southgate, Halifax, were made in March 1972 when the Highways Committee…
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