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November 2011 and work is in progress on the extension to Hebden Bridge Town Hall.
Top centre Stubbings School then dropping down to the White Lion Yard and Shepherd's Garage.
Date unknown. Noticeable in the centre are the arches of Stubbings School and next to it on the left is St John's Church, demolished in the 1980s. The 4 storeyed mill bottom centre was known as Melbourne Mill, which was demolished in 1983, now the…
On the left is the Hole in the Wall and next to it the chimney of Hebden Bridge Mill. The building partly visible on the far right has now been demolished. Postcard.
Looking over to the Birchcliffe hillside with the distinctive arches of Stubbings School in the centre. To the left of the school is St John's C of E Church consecrated in 1931 but closed in the 1980s.
Stubbings School is in the background. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
The lean-to buildings have now gone. At the top of the picture is Stubbings School. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
Stubbing School is at the bottom of the street. The bottom terrace on the left is no longer there. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
Looking North East. Bottom centre Stubbing Holme with Calder Mill, destroyed by fire 1964. To the centre right of the photo the arches of Stubbings School and on the top hillside Old Town Mill. Demolition of Bridge Lanes and High Street houses is…
The Rochdale Canal is lined with mills including Calder Mill with its tall chimney on the left. The chimney remains but the storeyed mill was destroyed by fire in 1964. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
Photo taken in the late 30s/early 40s

Mr H Potts, headmaster in the centre.
This building, believed to have come from Dawson City, was situated at the end of Valley Road, opposite the market. At one time it housed the office of a coal merchants. It was destroyed by fire in 1996. Above right Stubbing School and left St.…
ALC00407. General town view c.1900. The new Birchcliffe Baptist Chapel (1899) just visible on the righthand hillside above Stubbings School but Riverside School (1908/9) being built on the land above the houses in the foreground. The Council Offices…
General view from Fairfield c.1880. In the centre is Pallis or Pallisser House; the pallisser was responsible for looking after the fence around the medieval deer park. The blur of white is smoke or steam from a train in the cutting. Centre right the…
Looking across the White Lion yard to Birchcliife. Behind the houses centre left is the roof of St John's Church which was consecrated in 1931 and made redundant in 1984 and converted into dwellings. To its right is Stubbings School opened 1878.
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