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Front row: 7th from left, Frank Walton, 5th from left Mr Rushworth, Headmaster, 3rd from left Mr Hemstock or Henstock, Woodwork, third row 5th from left Miss booth, Domestic Science, 6th from left Mrs Fred Chatburn, 8th from left Ruth Marshall, 10th…
Mr Walton, teacher. Front row: Michael Walker, Jimmy Hooson, Dennis Burton, unknown (Wray?), Ronnie Hudson. Back row: unknown, Peter Coneron, Michael Robertshaw, unknown, Robert Falcon Scott, unknown, Peter Holroyd.
Teacher Frank Walton. Back row: Bill Dalton, unknown, unknown, Brian Kershaw, Jimmy Ashworth, Donald Coneron. Front row: unknown, unknown, Brian Sunderland, Brian Singleton, Brian Wray, Derek Williams.
Standing: L to R Joyce Hartley, Sheila Crawshaw, teacher Miss Oakley, Phylis Teasdale, Margery Dunkley. Front row: Sheila King, Lilian Harrison, Jean Sunderland.
Standing: L to R Maureen Johnson, Marian Windle, teacher Phylis Oakley, Josephine Smith, unknown. Seated: Maureen Costello, Maureen Rozier, Jean Baker.
Third row: Nancy Pugh, ? , Christine Greenwood. Second row: ? , ? , Clifford Maynard, ? ,Marian Windle. Front row: John Greenwood, ? , ? , Maureen Rozier.
Teacher is Mr Walton, back row right is Brian Greenwood. Front row right is derek Hem, and next to him Brian Powell.
Standing: ? , Miss Lloyd (later Mrs Dobson), ? , Mrs Edwards, ? , ? , ? , Mrs Holden, Caretaker, Mr Hemstock. Seated: ? , Miss Livermore, Mr Lee , Mr Rushforth, Miss Oakley, Miss Clemmy, Mrs Davey.
Teachers: Mr J. Briggs and Miss Townsend

Back row - L to R

Lilian Crabtree, Florence Thomas, Vera Hirst, ? , Alice Dawson, Violetta Greenlees, Rebecca Holden?, Elizabeth Higgin, Alice Greenlees, Millie Jowett (next to Mr. Briggs)

An article in the Hebden Bridge times of 29th November 1996 gave the following identification: back row, left to right: Geoffrey Greenwood, Peter
Rushworth, Roland Greenwood, Geoffrey Peter Naylor (who lives in Manchester), Norman H. Wilcock (now of…
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