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Sewing shop decorated for the 1911 Coronation.
Possibly Jack-o-Bog Eggs, Wadsworth, the last hand loom weaver in the Calderdale area.
Brisbane Moss Corduroys: Dyers and Finishers of velvets, velveteens, cords and suedettes, Bridgeroyd Mills, Eastwood. Cutting velveteens at Moss Bros, around 1900.
Weavers celebrating the Silver Jubilee at Dawson's Albion Mill, May 1935. Dawson's had just acquired a new flag for the occasion. The names are, back row, left to right: Mrs Barker, Maud Walton, Blanche Waddington, Kathleen Marshall (behind),…
Celebrating the end of the war in Waterside shed, 1945. From left to right, Tommy Hudders, Sid Parton, Gladys Thomas, Vera Bailey, Clifford Mattison, Evelyn Lord, Arnold Brainbridge; front row, Connie Butterworth, Charlie Hartley and Muriel…
Alma Dawson, aged about 17, weaver at Dawson's in 1943. Like most weavers, Alma looked after 4 looms.
Weaver's and Tacklers at Emmet's shed, Caldervale Mill, Cornholme, 1913.
Todmorden Technical Institute - part of spinning room
Mule Spinners at Pioneer Mill, Walsden c1912 - The mill was built by the Pioneer Mill Company which had been formed to celebrate the jubilee of the Walsden Co-operative Society. The corner stone of the new mill (actually named 'Jubilee' Mill) was…
Greenwood & Co. took 'room and power' at Salford Mill (where the new units are today) in 1892. Members of the Greenwood family and employees are seen in this photograph in the 1920s.
View across the main weaving shed at Joshua Smith's, 1912.
A reconstruction, by inhabitants of Old Farm, Mankinholes, of a cottage industry process. The photograph, taken in 1885, shows Harriet Pilling, demonstrating the use of the 'bobbin-joan' a device used in earlier times for winding the spun cotton on…

LOCATION: Hollins Road, Knowl Wood


GRID REF: 932 226


CONDITION: Fully used


DESCRIPTION/HISTORY: A small works built into the hillside…
HLS05100. Sewing machinists at treadle sewing machines in a large Machine Room pre- First World War. As well as textile mills Hebden Bridge also had a sizeable wholesale clothing trade making ready-to-wear garments. These were mainly made of corduroy…
Cornelius Giblin, Warp Twister at Greenwood Stell & Sons Ltd.
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