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Can anyone identify the location?
Can anyone identify the location?
Can you tell us where this is please?
Wilson Bros' decorated float, taken on Coronation Day, 9th August 1902.
Joshua Smith's winding room - A view of the winding room at Joshua Smith's Frostholme Mill, in Cornholme, 1913. The firm of Joshua Smith's ran the mill from 1882 until well into the 1950s, at one time employing over 700 people in the production of…
Letter of quotation for looms requested by Joshua Smith's in 1892
Letter of quotation for looms requested by Joshua Smith's in 1892
View across the main weaving shed at Joshua Smith's, 1912.
A view across the 'New' shed at Waterside in 1912. Interior of the large weaving shed at Waterside in 1912. It is now the site of the Morrisons Supermarket.
The door at the top of the steps was the entrance to the "takkin' in shop" of John Fielden, who lived there from 1703 to his death in 1734. This portion was probably added by the same John Fielden for the purpose of his business as a clothier, or…
A reconstruction, by inhabitants of Old Farm, Mankinholes, of a cottage industry process.

The photograph, taken in 1885 shows John Greenwood, farmer, demonstrating the use of the 'bobbin-joan' a device used in earlier times for winding the spun…
Handloom weavers, as depicted by the artist A.W. Bayes of Lumbutts.
Three hundred years ago, most of the population would be found in the farms and cottages on the upland "shelf", in areas such as Shore, Mankinholes and Bottomley. Families were self-sufficient, growing and producing most of their own food and…
LLOCATION: Bridge Street, Slaithwaite
GRID REF: 082 141
CONDITION: Mostly used
DESCRIPTION/HISTORY: Two large, late 19C spinning mills on either side of Bridge Street. The main…
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