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One of the main gateways to the town, with the roundabout -although in a different form - still in existence today. The seating area is now occupied by a car park and to the right of the three storey buildings is now a new JD Wetherspoons. The area…
The building on the right was the South End School. It was closed and demolished and is now the site of the Co-op. Some of the stone was used on the new building.
Rawson Family collection of glass negatives. C1890
Rawson Family collection of glass negatives. C1890
Looking down from above Heptonstall Road. Lower right are the terraced houses off Hangingroyd Lane with the housing on Birchcliffe hillside above. Almost in the centre is part of Hangingroyd Mill and diagonally above it Hebden Works and Nutclough…
Looking down from above Heptonstall Road. Lower right terraced houses off Hangingroyd Lane with housing on Birchcliffe Hillside above. Almost in the centre ia part of Hangingroyd Mill and diagonally above it Hebden Works and Nutclough Mill. Centre…
More or less centre of the photo is Dodd Naze housing on Wadsworth Lane and centre the landmark chimney of the former Calder Mill.
Looking down Hebden Water to first St Georges Bridge and then the Old Bridge. On the left the huge retaining wall supporting Keighley Road which at this point is on a ledge cut out of the cliff side. The buildings on the right-hand river bank have…
Town view from beside Zion Chapel on Osborne Street with in the foreground buildings on Union Street and below that houses on both sides of Commercial Street, demolished mid-1960s. On the left near the top is Hope Baptist Chapel on New Road
View over the town from the Buttress with Buttress Brink tenements on the right, demolished 1967/8.
Date unknown but prior to the demolition of dwellings on Commercial Street, Garden Street and Buttress Brink in the mid-1960s.
On the left the Co-op Department Store (now Carlton Buildings) and clock.
The tree bridges, St Georges Bridge, Old Bridge and West End Bridge. The buildings on the right of the river bank this side of the bridge have all been replaced with a purpose built office and shop block. On the hillside to the left of the chimney is…
Looking across from Union Street on the Birchcliffe Hillside to terraces off Palace House Road along with the abattoir. In the centre Croft Mill and chimney.
A famous photo of the station area about 1900. Bottom right the Municipal Gas Works at Crow Nest, above it Mayroyd Mill and then the five storey Victoria Mill with the small station dwarfed by it and the large station warehouse on the other side.…
This cobbled path, known locally as the Snicket, was part of the Heptonstall – Halifax packhorse route and originally dropped sharply straight down, passing the front of the White Lion to the Old Bridge and on to the Buttress. Houses on the left are…
Taken from the church yard of the former St John's church above the Keighley Road, with the Council Offices in the centre and on the left the Shoulder of Mutton on Bridge Gate.
Postcard with August 1915 postmark. Along the bottom are the terraced houses on Calder Bank, now long demolished, and to their left the small two storey Hebble End Dyeworks later enlarged and now (2015) apartments
Undated postcard. Taken from Daisy Bank looking across to Midgley Moor.
Postcard with 1938 postmark. Still a busy small mill town! Scarbottom Mill with its mill dam is to the right of centre, with Thornber's poultry sheds to the left. On the skyline towards the left is Midgley Methodist Chapel.
Undated postcard but Calder High School, top centre, is under construction and although work on the school started before the war, it did not open until 1950, it was the West Riding's first comprehensive school. Redman's Scarbottom Mill, with its…
Between the wars postcard. Diagonally to the left of St Michael's Church is the rear of the railway station with the overhanging timber buildings on the 'up' platform supported on stilts.
Looking up Hebden Dale probably early to mid 1960s. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
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