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A nice view of the town taken from Holebottom. The town hall can be clearly seen in the centre of the shot behind the railway bridge. The United Reformed Church spire is prominent behind the town hall.
Work in progress on the garden which was built on the site of Barclays Bank after it was demolished.
The Great Wall of Todmorden viewed from Shoebroad. Fielden Square is bottom right and Waterside Mill to the left.
The big building in the centre is Waterside Lodge Care Home with the spire of the Unitarian church behind.
The clock tower is St Mary's Church and the spire the Unitarian Church.
Showing what an immense mill Waterside was. The building on the right hand end was the technical college. The spire is the Unitarian Church and the tower of Cross Stone church can be seen on the horizon. AN 70082659
The Grade l Listed building dates from 1865/9. It was built by the three Fielden brothers, Samuel, John Jr. and Joshua, in honour of their late father, ‘Honest’ John Fielden MP at a cost of £35,000. It closed in 1987 but following a £1M restoration…
The Grade 1 listed building was built in 1865-69 by the philanthropist ‘Honest John’ Fielden, MP. It is now in the care of the Historic Chapels Trust and is available for weddings and events.
View over the town from the west. The remains of Fielden’s Waterside Mill, an old spinning mill built in 1800, can be seen on the right after a disastrous fire in 1901. The spire of the Unitarian Church, built by the Fieldens, is in the centre. The…
Building the new retaining wall on Fielden Wharf, Todmorden
A view over the town taken from below Cross Stone. The Unitarian Church spire can be seen on the left.
View over Todmorden with the Unitarian Church in the centre and Cross Stone Church on the hilltop to the left.
Demolition of the mill on Rochdale Road with the Unitarian Church steeple in the background.
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