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Alan Bramwell, a Pennine Horizons Digital Archive volunteer, photographed the poster and then spent many hours digitally restoring the image thus created. The finished image was framed and mounted at Wainsgate Chapel.
The chapel was bought by Eddie Beasley for development into 2 houses. During his restoration work Eddie came across this memorial to the fallen soldiers from the chapel.
Date unknown. Noticeable in the centre are the arches of Stubbings School and next to it on the left is St John's Church, demolished in the 1980s. The 4 storeyed mill bottom centre was known as Melbourne Mill, which was demolished in 1983, now the…
Centre left is Acre Mill of Cape Asbestos which was demolished in 1979 by which time it was disused. Postcard.
Mr and Mrs Stansfield. Bride - Iris. Walking down the steps of the Church. Possibly Old Town.
Hepton R.D. Walker Lane C.R. (Unclas), Reconstruction works at Chiserley. Looking North at Methodist Church. "Before" photo taken 10/4/53. Although individual workers were rarely in a position to buy their own cottages, friendly societies and…
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