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Undated postcard. Looking up the valley to Hardcastle Crags. On the left is Midgehole Lower Mill and to its right Midgehole Upper Mill or Dyeworks.
Looking down on Midgehole Dye works. The terrace to the left of the Dye works is Hebden Terrace and the smaller dwellings to the left of that are 1,2 and 3 Hob Cote.
Midgehole Lower Mill is on the left and Midgehole Upper Mill, later the Dye Works on the right. Just discernible in the centre distance is New Bridge Mill.
A fulling mill existed in the area prior to the 16th century which had been replaced and extended. In 1861, Worrals a firm of dyers and finishers from Salford bought the newly built dyeworks and lower mill and extended the water supply by creating…
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