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Lower Section, Tower, St Thomas the Apostle
Upper Section, Tower, St Thomas the Apostle, Heptonstall
Slide 11 - Our other slide shows a portion of the bay window (on the left) which is devoted to the heraldry of the Constables of Burton Constable, whose connection with the Fairfaxes dates from 1594 when Thomas Fairfax married Catherine…
Slide 10 - The accompanying slide shows in detail the painted stained glass of this fine window. It contains the heraldry of the Stapletons.
Slide 9 - The finishing touch is given to this fine apartment by the unrivalled display of painted glass in the here great windows. The south window is the richest and best preserved, as every light is painted glass, and in it we find a clue to its…
Traditional Council Chamber furniture with leather top semi circular desk and leather seated chairs with formal ceremonial chair
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