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Postcard dated February 1906. The stream runs down from Walshaw Head to Hebden Water in Hardcastle Crags.
OXYGRAINS BRIDGE, Rishworth, is a single-arch stone pack¬horse bridge without any Parapet, and is a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Watson wrote that the Ryburn stream "receives a considerable rivulet at the Ox-grains bridge, in the same township…
Now submerged under Scammonden Dam
Grade II. Pack-horse bridge. Probably C18. Simple single span arch formed by rough dressed voussoirs without parapet. On a former pack-horse route that lead to Horsehold (q.v. items 1/7 to 1/13).

Stream emerging from under the building.
Where the stream emerges from under the building.
Undated postcard. During late Victorian and Edwardian times this was a popular beauty spot for a country walk. The little building right of centre was once a toll house.
Slide 4 - Down the Cliviger Pass flows the infant Calder. The actual source is rather difficult to locate with certainty, but the stream which flows down a steep and precipitous glen called Ratten Clough may be said to be, if not its source, one of…
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