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OXYGRAINS BRIDGE, Rishworth, is a single-arch stone pack¬horse bridge without any Parapet, and is a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Watson wrote that the Ryburn stream "receives a considerable rivulet at the Ox-grains bridge, in the same township…
Now submerged under Scammonden Dam
Grade II. Pack-horse bridge. Probably C18. Simple single span arch formed by rough dressed voussoirs without parapet. On a former pack-horse route that lead to Horsehold (q.v. items 1/7 to 1/13).

Stream emerging from under the building.
Where the stream emerges from under the building.
Undated postcard. During late Victorian and Edwardian times this was a popular beauty spot for a country walk. The little building right of centre was once a toll house.
Postcard with December 1904 postmark. The stream runs down from Walshaw Head to Hebden Water in Hardcastle Crags.
Postcard dated February 1906. The stream runs down from Walshaw Head to Hebden Water in Hardcastle Crags.
Undated promotional postcard. The second in a series using this photo published by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway; the reverse discreetly reads:

"Hardcastle Crags, and the beautiful country in the immediate vicinity, are easily reached from…
Slide 4 - Down the Cliviger Pass flows the infant Calder. The actual source is rather difficult to locate with certainty, but the stream which flows down a steep and precipitous glen called Ratten Clough may be said to be, if not its source, one of…
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