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Title: Halifax Station Approach. - LYR00161

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Halifax Station Approach. - LYR00161


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LYRS 2692 - Halifax Station approach. To the right the top of the Italian style station building which opened in 1855 and to the front of that the canopies on the GNR platforms. Two platforms behind the building, still with canopies, remain in use.

With the construction of the GNR platforms and lines to the front of the station in the 1880s a new large entrance and facilities building was built on a higher level accessed by the road bridge over the lines which is still used today. The station was operated jointly by the L&YR and the GNR but each had their own platforms, refreshment facilities, waiting rooms and also their own booking offices seen here in around 1900. Then as now cabs waiting outside. The large entrance building has now gone and the original station building is now used in connection with the Eureka Children's Museum with car parking and play area where the tracks used to be.




Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society




PHDA - Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society




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