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Title: White Horse Hotel, Hebden Bridge c1960. - ALC05852

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White Horse Hotel, Hebden Bridge c1960. - ALC05852


Hebden Bridge, Public Houses, Pubs Inns & Hotels, Taverns, White Horse Hotel


The White Horse Hotel was an inn at least since 1851, although Barry Ledgard tells us that a licensee of the White Horse Inn, William Jackson, was charged with running a stage carriage without a licence, every Market day, to Halifax, and was caught by a Mr Gresley on 20th April 1837.

The Inn closed in 1960, and on the Monday afternoon of 26th November, 1962, demolition workers were sending the walls of the White Horse Hotel crashing to the ground. A few hours later, across the street in the Carlton Ballroom of the Co-operative building, members of the Hebden Bridge light Opera society were opening their own “White Horse Inn”.

The site was bought by the council for £3,500 and is now a car park and the venue for markets.


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