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Title: 27,29 Brookfoot Lane, Brighouse, 1983 - CBC00823

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27,29 Brookfoot Lane, Brighouse, 1983 - CBC00823


Brookfoot Lane, Southowram. SE 12 SW 3/30 Hon. 27 and 29

Grade II

2 Houses, originally house and school. Dated 1787 Hammer-dressed stone with ashlar dressings, stone slate roof. 2-storey south front is symmetrical has rusticated quoins, plinth, broad band. 3 bays. Central bay has paired doorways sharing a common central monolithic jamb. To either side are large 2-light broad sash windows with projecting sills, lintels formed from the band and same over. Set between in central bay is large recess the size of a single light window with tablet reading:

'The leer of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it.

This School and House, was Built at the charitable Bene- volence of Mr: William Staines, of LONDON. Anno Domini 1787

Rear has single storey outshot under cat slide roof with flush quoins and flat faced mullioned window of 3 Lights in roof apace with 2-light broad sash window under and doorway with monolithic jambs. 2 end-on gable stacks to ridge. Gutter brackets to front only.

Listing NGR: SE1314823318
List entry Number: 1133859

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CMBC Ref: B30


Various - CMBC


Calderdale MBC


1983 , 1980s


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