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Title: Steam Train on Keighley & Worth Valley Railway - TAS01125

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Steam Train on Keighley & Worth Valley Railway - TAS01125


Heading into Oakworth Station, taken from the end of the platform.

No. 41241 was built at Crewe Works in 1949 and from there went to Bath Green Park shed (71G). After a few shorts spells at other sheds and transfer back to 71G, it was transferred to Wellington shed (84H) in October 1959. In 1964, No. 41241 was moved to Leamington Spa (2L), back to Wellington and to Wales, where it stayed at Bangor (6H) and Croes Newydd (6C). In 1965, No. 41241 went to Llandudno Junction shed (6G) for about 3 months before finally being transferred to Skipton (10G). It was withdrawn in December 1966, where it was taken under its own steam to its present home on the KWVR, where it was destined to haul the re-opening special. Its boiler 'ticket' expired on 20 January 2013, and was withdrawn from service for its 10-year overhaul. During the engine's overhaul it required extensive firebox work amongst many other required tasks. It returned to traffic during the KWVR's 50th anniversary gala in June 2018. Information from the KWVR rolling stock website.




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