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Title: Burton Agnes Hall, the South Front - HLS05706

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Burton Agnes Hall, the South Front - HLS05706


Slide 1 - Burton Agnes, the ancient seat of the Boyntons, is one of the most beautiful Tudor and Jacobean houses in Yorkshire.

Lying in pleasant country between Driffield and Bridlington, it is surrounded by woodland and standing upon a slight eminence, commands a view over the Wold country.

It is a historic district too, and of some rural fame, rich in agricultural possibilities and generally possessing an air of prosperity. Burton is mentioned in Domesday and was held at that time by Robert de Bruis. It was subsequently held by the Stutevilles, Morlays, Somervilles, and Griffith's. The view shows the South and Principal front. It is built of red brick and stone and is a fine specimen of the style of architecture prevalent in the reign of Elizabeth and James the First, to which period the erection of the Hall may be ascribed.


George Hepworth


Hebden Bridge Literary & Scientific Society


1905 , 1900s


PHDA - Hebden Bridge Local History Society


Pennine Horizons Digital Archive




George Hepworth, “Burton Agnes Hall, the South Front - HLS05706,” Pennine Horizons Digital Archive, accessed August 11, 2020, http://penninehorizons.org/items/show/7102.

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