Alice Longstaff - Wedding Pictures


Alice Longstaff - Wedding Pictures

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Wedding Portrait - ALC07005
Box 1 10 x 8 cm glass plates of weddings.

Wedding Group - ALC07004
Box 1 10 x 8 cm glass plates of weddings.

- ALC07002
Box 1 10 x 8 cm glass plates of weddings.

- ALC07001
Box 1 10 x 8 cm glass plates of weddings.

The Fielding Family - ALC06373
Judging by the flowers this will be a wedding group. Source Mr Arthur Fielding, Mytholmroyd.

Wedding Party - ALC06355
This photo looks to be taken on Holme Street with the school on the left and Holme House on the right. Were they on their way to Westerman's studio for the wedding photograph? The shed in the background advertising cement would probably have been…

Weddings - ALC05789
Rita Naughton married a Columbian Jose Louis Sierra at St Thos. R.C. Church, Fairfield, Hebden Bridge. (always known as Joe Louie!!)

Weddings - ALC05788
Jose Louis Sierra, bridegroom. Rita Naughton, bride.

Weddings - ALC05787
John Naughton, Nora Naughton, brides parents. John Dawson, best man. Jose Louis Sierra and Rita Naughton, groom and bride. Rev Dennis Vincent Naughton, brides uncle (born at Wood Top, HB). Marie Victoria Sierra. Madeline Kennedy, brides cousin.

Weddings - ALC05786
John Naughton, father. Rita Naughton, bride. St Thos. R.C. Church, Fairfield.

Rita Naughton and Jose Sierra - ALC05785
Jose was Columbrian and was known locally as Joe Louis

Wedding of Rita Naughton and Jose Sierra - ALC05784
L to R: Mr & Mrs John Naughton, unknown, groom Jose, bride Rita Naughton, Dennis Naughton, unknown, Madeline Kennedy.

Wedding of Enid Wilkinson of and Geoff Sugden. - ALC05783
Enid was from White Windows Farm in Blackshaw and was married in 1960.

Weddings - ALC05782
Bridesmaid - Sonia Mitchell? Birchcliffe Chapel

Dennis Clayton and Rose, nee O'Brien - ALC05781
Dennis Clayton and Rose, nee O'Brien, outside St Thos. R.C. Church, Fairfield, Hebden Bridge.

Anne & Jack Hamer - ALC05780
Anne & Jack Hamer. (nee Wilkinson). Birchcliffe Baptist Chapel, Hebden Bridge.

Wedding of Rita and Brian Greenwood - ALC05779
Joe MacMahon at his daughter Rita's wedding at Catholic Church, Fairfield, Hebden Bridge. Bridegroom - Brian Greenwood.

- ALC05778
Mr and Mrs I Bradley, nee Muriel Speak

Weddings - ALC05777
Mr Beard and Bride ? Beard.

Weddings - ALC05776
Young boy - Cedric Burton. Mr Burton

Weddings - ALC05775
Peter Hartley and Josephine Crabtree

Weddings - ALC05774
Wedding of Max and Molly Sunderland (nee McAuliffe), St Thomas' Church, Fairfield. 7 May 1960
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