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Halifax League 1st division Winners, 1954. - PNH02125
Back row L - R: F. Walton; W. Crowther; D. Nutter; J. Gledhill; R. Greenwood; R. Shackleton; J. Mitchell; E. Woods;W.H. Walton. Front row L - R; J. Crawshaw; D. Hollins;

Pendle Heritage Centre, Barrowford - PNH02105
The formal cermonial 'raising of the Cruck Barn' at the centre, on a dark and depressing 16th December 1985.

Maude's Clog Soles, Mytholmroyd - PNH02003
A huge sawmill employing over 100 people making nothing but soles for clogs. For further information see:

There she goes! - PNH01993
Mayroyd area, Hebden Bridge. The chimney from Mayroyd Mill is just going to miss Victoria Mill. The telepone box is directly opposite the station entrance.

Looms - PNH01975
Fielden Bros, Waterside Mill, Todmorden. c1912.

Nutclough Mill, Hebden Bridge - PNH01948
This is a drying machine. After cloth was dyed or washed, it passed through this machine which consisted of cylinders, which were about 1.5 meters long and made of copper or brass. The cylinders were heated by steam and rotated thus drying theā€¦

Restoration of Nutclough Mill, Hebden Bridge - PNH01900
The fifth man back, with the pipe, is Tom Horsfall, next is David Fletcher.
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