CMBC Conservation and Planning collection


CMBC Conservation and Planning collection


Colour and black and white photos from the 1970's and 1980's of buildings, streets and views.


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Taken between 1970 and 1990.


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Baliff Bridge and Wyke c 1970s - CBC06259
Towards the top left of the picture can be seen the former railway viaduct at Wyke. This was part of the 'Pickle Bridge' line that linked the Halilfax- Bradford line with Brighouse. In this view it appears to be complete. It was partially…

Clifton near Brighouse - CBC06258
The near road running L to R is New Street and the other is Towngate.

Aerial view of Brighouse, undated - CBC06257
Bottom right is the Central Methodist Church, and the impressive building towards the top of the picture is Brighouse Library and the Smith Art Gallery.

Aerial View of Brookfoot - CBC06256
In the centre is Brookfoot, bottom left is the River Calder, top left is Marshalls Quarries at Southowram. On the riight hand side top to bottom are Hipperholme, Hove Edge, Slead Syke, Lane Head and Brighouse evenly spaced.

Ariel view, Mount Tabor, Halifax - CBC06254
The view is from above Mount Tabor, Moor End Rd runs left towards Pellon & Heath Hill Road runs right to Warley and Norton Tower. West End Golf Course is centre left.

Elland - CBC06252
River Calder is on the left, Century Rd runs to the right of this picture. The area has now been restored and has woodland and riverside paths.

Centre of Elland, c 1980 - CBC06250
The building on the right was the South End School. It was closed and demolished and is now the site of the Co-op. Some of the stone was used on the new building.

Southgate, Elland c 1980 - CBC06248
Shops adjacent to St Paul's Methodist Church

Elland Parish Church, 1979 - CBC06247
This church was first established arond 1180 and the main part of the building is believed to have been built in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Sowerby Bridge. - CBC06242
On the left is the brick built extension to Sowerby Bridge Mills on piers over the River Calder. The tall centre one is Carlton Mills, this is the only surviver in this image and is now appartments. The far one is LockHill Mills and was occupied by…

Sowerby Bridge - CBC06241
Asquith Bottom Mill owned by William Eddleston. The river here is the Ryburn at Stirk Bridge. On the right you can see the half size bowling green provided for employees..

Sowerby Bridge - CBC06239
Asquith Bottom Mills, William Edlestones were the owners. The bridge the image is taken from is Stirk Bridge. Centre right you can just see a bit of the half size Bowling Green provided for the employees to use.

Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge - CBC06237
The view from the bridge over the River Calder on Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge, on the right are the rear of the buildings on Hollings Mill Lane, which when this photo was taken included the swimming pool.

Corona Chimney, Dean Clough Mill, Halifax. - CBC06234
Photographed in early 1960's. This chimney is now a Grade II listed building.
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