Eunice Shaw Collection


Eunice Shaw Collection


Images of Cllr Eunice Shaw's year as Mayor of Todmorden, 1969-1970




Phillip Shaw


1969, 1960s


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Mayor Eunice Shaw with Canon Hodgson -  EUS00154
On the left is Bernard Shaw and on the right is Charles Crossley. The event was the Mayor's Day Service at Christ Church, Todmorden, on 25th May, 1969.

Mayor's Ball, February, 1970 -  EUS00151
On the right Mayor of Todmorden, Cllr Eunice Shaw, with husband Bernard and son Phillip between them.

Re-opening of Todmorden Folk Club -  EUS00150
The Mayor, Eunice Shaw, re-opened the club at the Black Swan in 1969. The Mayor played the ukulele

Christmas Fair, December 1969 -  EUS00149
The Mayor, Eunice Shaw, visits the fair at Vale Baptist Church, Cornholme.

Todmorden Trades and Labour Council, 1970 -  EUS00148
L to R: Mr Parkinson, President, Mayor Eunice Shaw, John Lindsay (Borough Librarian), and Mr Jim Connolly, Secretary. The event was the presentation of a book to the library in memory of the late Arthur Leslie Greenwood.

At the Mayor's Ball, November 1969 -  EUS00144
On the left is the Mayor's son Trevor.

The Mayor with Todmorden Carnival Queen Gilda Bades, May 1969 -  EUS00143
Ivy Walker of the St John's Ambulance is receiving a cheque. The attendants are Jillian Greenwood, Susan Tootell and Joy Taylor, with Sharon Williams at the front.

The Mayor with Todmorden Carnival Queen Gilda Bades, May 1969 -  EUS00142
The attendants are Jillian Greenwood, Susan Tootell and Joy Taylor, with Sharon Williams at the front.

NALGO Jubilee Dinner -  EUS00141
Todmorden Town Hall, May 1969. L to R: J. Kershaw, Yorkshire C.C., Miss Margaret Crowther, President, at the back is Mr R. Meddings, Tow Clerk of Wolverhampton, Mayor Councillor Mrs Eunice Shaw, Mr W.C. Anderson, NALGO General Secretary

Todmorden Photographic Society Exhibition -  EUS00140
Calder College, 16th November 1969. Right Mr Tom L Haigh, Judge. Extreme left Mr J.E. Barker, left Cllr J Lever, Society’s President.

“At Home” Event in Todmorden Town Hall, August 1969 -  EUS00139
Bernard Shaw and Mayor Cllr Eunice Shaw, standing.

Labour Party Social Evening at Todmorden Town Hall -  EUS00137
Friday October 17th 1969. Mrs Barbara Castle, M.P. was the chief guest, she is seen here with the Mayor of Todmorden Cllr Mrs E Shaw, at a social gathering at the Town Hall. In the centre is Douglas Houghton M.P. for Sowerby.

Todmorden Grammar School Speech Day 1970 -  EUS00136
L to R: Bernard Shaw, Mayor Eunice Shaw, Mrs Clegg, Mr E Melville Hall, (Head), Cllr A Barker and Mr W Clegg

Labour Party Social October 17th 1969 -  EUS00135
In the centre are Barbara Castle, M.P., government Minister Douglas Houghton M.P. and Mayor Eunice Shaw.

Labour Party Social at Todmorden Town Hall -  EUS00134
17th October, 1969. Seated at the table are Barbara Castle, M.P. and Government Minister, with Bernard Shaw on her left and Mayor Eunice Shaw on her right.

Ladies Circle Fashion Show -  EUS00133
Todmorden Town Hall, 24th Feb 1970

Ladies Circle Fashion Show -  EUS00132
Todmorden Town Hall, 24th Feb 1970

Todmorden Grammar School Sports Day, Centre Vale Park, 1969 -  EUS00131
Mayer Eunice Shaw Head Teacher E. Melville Hall
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