Alan Bramwell Collection


Alan Bramwell Collection


Modern pictures, mainly of round and about Mytholmroyd


Alan Bramwell


Alan Bramwell


From 2015 onwards


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The Memorial Poster at Wainsgate
The men from Walker Lane Methodist Sunday School who gave their lives in WWI are remembered at Wainsgate.

Inside Wainsgate Chapel, old town
The Walker Lane Methodist Chapel War Memorial was moved to Wainsgate Chapel in August 2014. The poster with the photographs of the soldiers was placed beside the memorial in July 2019.

Walker Lane WWI Soldiers
Alan Bramwell, a Pennine Horizons Digital Archive volunteer, photographed the poster and then spent many hours digitally restoring the image thus created. The finished image was framed and mounted at Wainsgate Chapel.

Walker Lane WWI Soldiers
The chapel was bought by Eddie Beasley for development into 2 houses. During his restoration work Eddie came across this memorial to the fallen soldiers from the chapel.

VBA Site, Redacre, Mytholmroyd, 16th April, 2018 - ALV00135
Contractor's buildings used during the flood aleviation work at Mytholmroyd.
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