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Black Dyke Mills
Taken in about 2003 on the third floor of the unused Shed mill, A year or so after this image was taken all the stone flags were taken up and replaced with plywood floors so the space could be used
All the steel work had two purposes, one to…

Spion Kop
Spion Kop, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Named after the battle of Ladysmith in the Boer war, South Africa. Known locally as The Delph.

The gradient is about 1 in 4 it was still open to traffic up to about the mid the late 70's. It is now…

Birchcliffe Hall
Panoramic view of the Birchcliffe centre main hall, taken using a Pinhole 6x17 film camera with HP5+ film stock

Hebden Bridge in the Snow
Taken in the winter of 2016, using a Nikon D800 and a 135mm AIS prime Nikon Lens.

This view had previously been obscured by the trees in the foreground which had recently been removed.

Piece Hall at Night
The wonderful and newly restored Piece Hall taken on a very cold October night 2017- The first year of its relaunch/opening after the restoration.

Birchcliffe At Night
The now lit up at night Birchcliffe Centre 2017. Image and lighting were created by the photographer/electrician Alex Taylor

Xmas Party
Unused booklet from 2008, When Jumpin Jacks owned the Halifax ABC

The ABC, Halifax - ATC00102
Picture showing original rows of seats still in place but in a dirty condition.
The main centre stairs which were used as the main entrance to No1 screen can still be seen at the bottom of the picture.

The ABC, Halifax, 2015 - ABC00100
Taken when I was granted access to the old ABC picture house in the centre of Halifax, The then owner had to make a route up to this vantage point which had been boarded away.
The screen was said to be still in the building somewhere but has never…
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