The Birchcliffe Centre Collection


The Birchcliffe Centre Collection


Images of the Birchcliffe Centre mainly from the 1980s.




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Pennine Heritage - PNH02343
L to R: David Fletcher; Carol South; Margaret (Meg) Phipps; Mary Hurst; Sandra Lomas; Hilary Darby; Christine Booth; ?

Birchcliffe Centre - PNH02279
Possibly from the 1890s.

Birchcliffe Hillside - PNH01575
Nutclough Mill in the foreground, Yorkshire Water Board excavations behind Dodnaze estate, and the Birchcliffe Centre to the right of the centre of the picture.

Birchcliffe Centre - PNH01286
The rear of the centre from Chapel Avenue. Probably 1980s.

Birchcliffe Centre - PNH01285
Detail of the arch over what is now the mezzanine floor.

Birchcliffe Centre - PNH01282
Probably in the 1890s.

Birchcliffe Centre - PNH01271
Tables laid for dining

Birchcliffe Centre - PNH01270
Talk by David Fletcher being given to a group

Birchcliffe Centre - PNH01269
Talk by David Fletcher being given to a group.

Birchcliffe Centre - PNH01266
Tables laid for dining, probably in the 19809s.

Birchcliffe Centre - PNH01261
Local business exhibition in the 1980s.

Birchcliffe Centre - PNH01260
On the left is David Fletcher and seated left is David Shutt.

Birchcliffe Centre - PNH01259
The gallery pews were retained.

Birchcliffe Centre - PNH01249
The hostel so9on after its conversion in the 1980s.

Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge - PNH00406
A view of the rear of the Birchcliffe Cente showing an extension to what had been the Sunday which which was later taken down.

Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge - PNH00399
An unusual view taken from the rear

Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge - PNH00390
The hall makes an excellent lecture theatre. here David Fletcher is addressing an audience.

Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge - PNH00329
Previously Birchcliffe Baptist Church, this Grade 2 listed buiding is now owned by Pennine Heritage. A floor was put in at balcony level, seen here, so that office space could be created underneath.
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