Christine Newell collection


Christine Newell collection


Colour photos of people and views in and around Todmorden and Lumbutts.


Christine Newell


Pennine Horizons Digital Archive


ca. 2000


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Collection Items

Todmorden 2003 - CRN00400
Steps between endowed school & Church, Todmorden

Todmorden 2003 - CRN00399
By St Mary's Church.

Todmorden 2003 - CRN00398
This work was carried out on the site of the Barclays Bank branch, opposite the town hall, which was demolished. The White Hart pub (now Wetherspoons) can be seen on the top right of the shot.

Construction Of New Garden 2003 - CRN00397
Near St Mary's Church after the demolition of the Barclays Bank branch. This work improved the look of the gateway to the town considerably.

Walsden Print Works, 2002 - CRN00395
View of the valley over the rooftop

Todmorden, 2003 - CRN00394
Walsden Print Works Newest Part 2003

Todmorden, 2002 - CRN00393
Walsden Print Works, a view of the side of the printing works.

Walsden Print Works, 2002 - CRN00392
Looking down the road

Area Frozen Over 2002 - CRN00390
The settling tanks, Walsden Print Works

Old Original Building 2002 - CRN00387
Print Works, Ramsden Wood Road, Walsden

Field Patterns, Horsehold and Johnny Gap, 2003 - CRN00381
Looking over Hebden Bridge with old town and Midgley moor in the distance.
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