David Fletcher collection


David Fletcher collection


Black and white and colour photos of Hebden Bridge and the surrounding area taken in the 1950's to 1970's




ca. 1950 - ca. 1970


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North Side Bridge Lanes, Hebden Bridge - DEF00300
After the demolition of the High Street and Bridge Lanes houses. The site was left derelict for many years.

North Side Bridge Lanes, Hebden Bridge - DEF00299
After the demolition of the High Street and Bridge Lanes houses. The site was left derelict for many years.

Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge  - DEF00298
The planted areas in 1967, this area is now the Bridge Gate car park

Edmondson's, Valley Road, Hebden Bridge - DEF00297
This building is believed to have come from Dawson City, above Heptonstall, which was the hutted village for the workforce building the Walshaw Dean Reservoirs. Seen here as a hardware shop, prior to this it housed the offices of a coal merchant.

Douglas Houghton, M.P. for the Sowerby Constituency - DEF00296
Douglas Houghton, M.P., at the opening of Park Fold Wood.

Douglas Houghton, (11 August 1898 – 2 May 1996) was a British Labour politician. He was the last British Cabinet minister born in the 19th century.

Houghton was a great believer in…

Calder Civic Trust Committee - DEF00295
Members of Calder Civic Trust. L-R - David Fletcher, Harry Lunn, Edward Watson

Hebden Bridge Houses - DEF00294
Queens Terrace on the road up to Heptonstall. Sir Bernard Ingham was born here.

Stepping Stones across Tame - DEF00293
Stepping Stones across Tame, Greater Manchester

Alan Greenwood looking at Hebden Bridge - DEF00292
To his left is Calder Mill with its landmark chimney. Much of the mill was gutted by fire in 1964.

Hebden Bridge from Heptonstall Road - DEF00291
The new Methodist Sunday School is in the process of being built with Salem Chapel to its left. The large building to the left is Melbourne Mill prior to its demolition (illegally, at 6 am on a Sunday morning without planning consent) to make way…

Bankfoot, Mytholm, Hebden Bridge. - DEF00290
Early 1960s looking down onto Bridge Lanes centre right, to the left Adelaide Street and Bankfoot Garage with Bankfoot Mill.

Park Fold Wood above Mytholmroyd. - DEF00289
Volunteers L-R - Graham Newton, Shieley Jaggar, Sheila Bainbridge, Robert Helliwell, David Fletcher, Philip Longbottom

Park Fold Wood above Mytholmroyd. - DEF00288
The site of Park Fold Wood, Mytholmroyd

Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge. - DEF00287
Probably shortly after demolition to make way for the car park.

Formal opening of Park Fold Wood, Mytholmroyd. - DEF00286
Cllr Fred Barker, David Fletcher, Chairman Calder civic Trust, Douglas Houghton MP, Jim Wignall, Sec Calder Civic Trust. c1966

Hebden Bridge Times Office - DEF00285
Market Street, Hebden Bridge. The former Ebenezer Chapel. Now a gallery and the Hebden Bridge Times no longer has a presence in the town! See it now. The following text is taken from Looking Back at Hebden Bridge by Frank Horsfall & Terry Wyke…

Market Street, Hebden Bridge - DEF00284
Salem Methodist Church is on the right long demolished and replaced with a smaller chapel and meeting room.

Steps from Market Street, Hebden Bridge - DEF00283
On the right the end of Melbourne Street

Below Bridge Lanes South Side, Hebden Bridge - DEF00282
On the left the River Calder with Stubbing Holme Road. On the right is Calder Place, early 19th century 'bottom' houses, some single storey, with barreled arched stone ceilings, beneath the 'top' houses fronting Bridge Lanes.

Bridge Lanes, Hebden Bridge - DEF00281
The Bull Inn is on the right. The rest of the dwellings on the north side of Bridge Lanes were demolished in the mid-1960 and the site left derelict for many years as can be seen here.

The mill on the left was Barbreck which burnt down in the…

Blossom in Spring - DEF00280
Unknown location.

Wombwell Wood Restored Site - DEF00279
Wombwell Wood near Barnsley Restored Site

Hebden Bridge Composite Picture. - DEF00277
On the right looking down Heptonstall Road to its junction with Bridge lanes and on the left a view of Bridge Lanes from Heptonstall Road.

Looking down towards Bridge Lanes, Hebden Bridge - DEF00276
A composite picture showing the steps down from Heptonstall Road. The new Methodist church can be seen top left.
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