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Oats Royd Tug of War Team, 1926 - HOL00163
Back Row, Left to Right: Tom Pettingell; Joe Howarth; Roderick Fisher; Albert Mitchell. Front row: Jack Wilkes; George Hayes; Verney Sykes; Harold Fielden.

Henry Fray's Pork Butchers - HOL00162
The small lad on the left is Derrick Holt, whose father, Clarance Hebblethwaite Holt, was killed in action on the 9th October 1917 at Passchendaele and is named on the Luddenden War Memorial nearby.

Philip and Peggy Longbottom  - HOL00157
Philip and Peggy Longbottom in the garden, 6, West View, Cragg Road, Mytholmroyd, probably late 40s.

Peggy Greenwood and Philip Longbottom&#039;s wedding party. <br /><br />
 - HOL00156
Bride and Groom with Bridesmaids, L to R Edna, Joan and Betty Greenwood. Betty was the twin sister of the bride. Men, L-R Bill Jones, ?, Philip Longbottom, Frank Greenwood (Bride's father) Amos Johnson (brides maternal uncle) and Jack Tonge?

Wedding of Philip Longbottom and Peggy Greenwood - HOL00155
Wedding of Philip Longbottom and Peggy Greenwood, St Michaels, Mytholmroyd. May 31st 1947.

Philip and Peggy (née Greenwood) Longbottom&#039;s wedding – HOL00154
This studio picture was taken after their wedding at St Michael's,Mytholmroyd

Family Group - HOL00152
Taken in the mid-twenties. Philip was born 25th September 1922, Ada Mary Cockcroft born at Hawksclough, Mytholmroyd on 28th April 1896 and Claude Longbottom was born 1st February 1897 at Boulderclough.

Fred Longbottom &amp; Anne Jane Plunkett - HOL00151
Anne Jane Plunkett b 1873 and Fred Longbottom (1873-1960.) Probably on their engagement to be married in 1902. They married on 17th May 1902. Fred was the son of Joseph Longbottom and Grace Schofield of Cooper House, Luddenden Foot.

Grace Schofield in her finery. - HOL00150
Grace married Joseph Longbottom at Leeds Parish Church in February 1865. Their first child, Martha Jane was born at Roe Head near Mirfield 10th April 1865. They had five more children, Amy, Edwin and Sandy born at Hunsworth Mill, Cleckheaton, Fred…

Longbottom Family Group - HOL00149
The father of the children was Sandy Longbottom, who sailed from Liverpool to New York in January 1907. His wife, Clara Ann, nee Robinson, was pregnant with their 4th child. He never returned. L-R Gladys, b 1892, Mary Monica, b 1900, Clara Ann,…

Maurice Longbottom - HOL00148
Maurice Longbottom (1926-2009), in his naval uniform in WW2

Wedding Guests - HOL00147
Betty Greenwood's wedding to Maurice Longbottom, with her father, Frank Greenwood, and Bill Jones (brother-in-law)

Longbottom Family - HOL00145
Claude and Ada Mary Longbottom (née Cockcroft) sitting on the right with their sons Philip and Maurice (in front).This would have been taken in the mid-thirties., Philip would have been 13 and Maurice 9 in 1935. Back L-R Philip and Claude Longbottom…

Back of Postcard - HOL00144
It is not known whose Birthday it was for. Possibly their mother, Clara Ann whose birthday was 28th September.

Gladys, Claude and Mary Monica Longbottom.  - HOL00143
Claude Served with the Kings Royal Rifle Corps in the first world war. He is in uniform here so this was possibly taken in about 1915. He would have been 18 in 1915 and Gladys would have been 21 and Monica 15.

Back of Postcard - HOL00138
Postcard from Clarance Holt, June 1917

Note on letter - HOL00137
Derrick's handwriting, the envelope contained the last letter he received from his father. Derrick was 8 years old on 1st July 1917 and his father, Clarance, was killed at Passchendaele 9th October that year.

Letter from Clarance Holt - HOL00135
Letter from Clarance Holt to his youngest son, Derrick, on his 8th Birthday 1st July 1917.
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