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Rochdale Canal at Littleborough - JGC00121
The horse drawn pleasure boat William passes what is now known as the Waterside Inn at Littleborough, which was originally known as the Railway Inn.

Rochdale Canal from Princess Street, Manchester - JGC00120
This lock is number 87 Princess Street Lock.

Drive Shaft from Water Wheel - JGC00115
Probably Ashton-under-Lyne

Water Wheel - JGC00114
Either water wheel at Ashton-under-Lyne or one that was found under Dale Street car park.

Clayton, Manchester - JGC00112
Probably trolley bus wires. c1950.

Bridge over Rochdale Canal - JGC00111
Butler Lane lock, Lock 81, in Miles Platting.
6th April, 1908.

Rochdale Canal, Manchester - JGC00108
The very last lock of the Rochdale Canal before it goes into Castlefield, where it joined the Bridgewater Canal.

Dale Street, Manchester - JGC00107
The beginning of both the Ashton Canal, straight ahead, and the Rochdale Canal, to the left. The Rochdale Canal continues to Castlefield where it joins the Bridgewater Canal.

Bridgewater Canal, Castlefield - JGC00106
West end of the tunnel at Gaythorn. 29th September 1899.

Considered by many to be the first canal in England, the Bridgewater was engineered by James Brindley for the Duke of Bridgewater to transport coal from his mines at Worsley to the growing…

Rochdale Canal   - JGC00105
Minshull Street, Manchester. Juvenile Court is in background.

Ashton Canal - JGC00104
Note the narrow lock. The area around it has now been redeveloped as an industrial estate.

Built by Benjamin Outram and completed in 1797, the Ashton Canal closed in 1961 and reopened in 1974.

Rochdale Canal   - JGC00103
Whalley Street, Ancoats area of Manchester

East End of Gaythorn Tunnel, Manchester - JGC00102
The Deansgate Lock. The tunnel carries the Rochdale Canal under Deansgate and into Castlefield Basin where it joins the Bridgewater Canal.

Ten Acres Bridge, Newton Heath, Manchester - JGC00101
This bridge carrying Ten Acres Lane over the Rochdale Canal has since been replaced.
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