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Wedding of Malcolm Edmonson to Glenda Thomas 1969
Eileen Edmonson, Cheryl Thomas, Glenda Thomas, Malcolm, Marian Sharpe, Norman Edmonson
1969 Norman and Malcolm Edmonson
Mr Turton- {Minister}
Mr Crabtree
Anne Lomas -Maid
Sheila Doyle -Front R
Glenda Thomas to Malcolm Edmonson
At the wedding of Malcolm and Glenda at Birchcliffe Chapel
A view of Valley Road with the end of the market. Shepherd's Garage the large building on the left.
May Queen, Slack Chapel
Rose Queen 1940
Rose Queen 1932
Rose Quenn 1935
Rose Quenn 1934
Was a Dawson City building. Always thought it was it was thier canteen, someone else thought their chapel?
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