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Todmorden Buses

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Hungrywood Arch,Cornholme,Todmorden - TAS00260
A bus negotiating the original and then the new metal bridge

Hungrywood Arch,Cornholme,Todmorden - TAS00259
This photograph was taken during works to replace the stone arch with a metal bridge.

Hungrywood Arch,Cornholme,Todmorden - TAS00258
As buses became taller, the bridge became a hazard and, after several accidents, it was replaced by a taller, metal structure.

Todmorden Bus - TAS00248
Pictured on Station Parade, Portsmouth

Exhibition Bus - TAS00247
Pictured outside Eastwood Masonic Hall

Bus at Eastwood - TAS00246
Outside Eastwood Station Hotel

Special Bus - Leyland No 2  - TAS00242
This used to be in the ownership of Todmorden Antiquarian Society

Bus Accident 1907 - TAS00240
Roomfield Baptist on left. Der Street on right

Todmorden Bus Station - TAS00237
Note the left hand bus is being used as an office.
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