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The photograph shows the village of Midgley above the wooded escarpment. Running through the centre of the photo is the A646 road. The light coloured building with the chimney behind is the Grove Inn which had its own brewery to the rear. To the left…
Probably used as access to the mills at Brearley.
BREARLEY BRIDGE is a single-arch saddle-back stone bridge thought to date from the mid 18th century. An inn, the Mill Inn, later the Clarence Inn, once stood on the Brearley side of the bridge. There was a bridge there in the seventeenth century as…
Bridge over the River Calder at Brearley, circa 1960
Between Mytholmroyd and Luddendenfoot.
Postcard with May 1907 date stamp. Correctly called Brearley Mills it was occupied by Levi Sykes & Co (Brearley) Ltd, blanket manufacturers, and was gutted by fire 30 April 1907.
Postcard with October 1904 postmark. A busy small industrial village at the time this photo was taken, but all the mills have now gone. On the hillside is Brearley House built in 1841 and not to be confused with the older nearby Brearley Hall. The…
Postcard date stamped October 1908. Looking down the valley towards Luddendenfoot. In the foreground is the Rochdale Canal and behind it the River Calder. Beyond on the right hillside the spire of Luddendenfoot Church which was demolished in 1980, as…
Postcard date stamped September 1906. The House is not to be confused with Brearley Hall. It was built in 1841 by John Riley, a Halifax worsted manufacturer and merchant, and a major shareholder in the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway.
Undated postcard of Brearley in the valley bottom and Midgley on the hillside above. Brearley House can be seen amongst the trees in the centre but the mills have now gone.
Burnley Road at the top of Brearley Lane was the site of the Evercreme Toffee Works. On every 'Toyplane' toffee was printed a letter from the word 'Toyplane'. When you had collected all the letters you could send in the wrappers in exchange for a…
Demolition of mill chimney at Brearley
Boats on the newly restored Rochdale Canal are obviously causing interest.
Boats on the newly restored Rochdale Canal are obviously causing interest.
Boats on the newly restored Rochdale Canal are obviously causing interest.
Just outside Mytholmroyd, the bridge is now known as Moderna Bridge
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