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Knur & Spell is a local game believed to have originated in Yorkshire in the C14th.
Promoting Calderdale
Exhibition stand
At the Tourist Information Centre, Hebden Bridge
Exhibitions were held at the Tourist Information Centre, Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge from 1992 to 2003 when the Centre relocated to Butler's Wharf.
People start to arrive at the Making of Todmorden exhibition at Todmorden Town Hall
The Chairman of HRUDC, Cllr Denis Knowles is 2nd from left with his wife Clarice, Chairman's Lady, next to him. Rev W. Barnes is on the right.
Pennine Horizons joined with the After Alice Project in a very successful open day at Salem Mill, Hebden Bridge in December 2015
Frank Woolrych giving a talk on the Alice Longstaff Collection at the Community Fair held at Hebden Bridge town Hall in October 2010.
The tourist Information Centre occupied this building at West end, Hebden Bridge from 1986 until it was relocated in 2003. The empty building looked very sad so Hebden Bridge literary and Scientific Society mounted an exhibition in the window,
Sam Moore, Commercial Traveller for the Hebden Bridge Fustian Manufacturing Co-operative Society Ltd, standing beside an exhibition stand that was taken all over to shows and exhibitions. The stand took to pieces for ease of transportation.
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