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Known locally as "the twelve apostles" owing to its dozen chimneys, is an oddity. Built sometime in the 1600's (possibly in 1634).
Architecture, Bradford, Archway, Finial, House
Bell, Farmhouse, Warley, Porch, Finial, Dog kennel
Vernacular Architecture, Hall and cross-wings, Mullion and transom window, Porch, Finials
House, Porch, Decorated lintel, Finial
Ripponden, Soyland, Porch, Mullion and transom window, Finial, Waterspout, Barn
Farm, Ripponden, Porch, Mullion, Finial, Barn, Car, Standard, Vanguard, Dovecote
Farm, Ripponden, Porch, Mullion, Finial, Kneeler, Kettlesnout
Lower Cockroft forms part of the Cockroft Estate, which is situated about one mile behind Rishworth Independent School, in the picturesque Ryburn Valley. The oldest portion of the building is on the left, which is dated 1640. We can infer this from…
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