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It must of been cold travelling atop this bus judging by the amount of snow around.
Todmorden No.4 bus first registered in 1907.
North Street, Todmorden. The 3 storey building in the centre of the picture is where the market is today.
Todmorden No.23 bus first registered in 1924
Bus number 2, a Critchley-Norris, stands at the Waggon and Horses, Walsden, it still carries its over cab headlight and its delivery trade plate.
These are possibly bus nos 1 & 2 on ther inaugural run.
North Street, Burnley Road, Todmorden. The 3 storey buuilding in the centre of the picture is where the market is today.

This was the early terminus for bus services along Burnley Road. The vehicle in shot is believed to be a Ryknield, number 5.…
Todmorden number 23 at the Town Hall terminus, it is a Leyland SG2. New in May 1924. Withdrawn 1929.

St Mary's Crypt is on the left.
B-2082 is standing at Eastwood just below the railway station ramp prior to its return journey to Todmorden. Its fleet number is 4 and it was a Leyland U model with a UEC.(United Electrical Company). In 1908 it seated 16 passengers but received a new…
Number 9 bus outside the bus office on Church Street (Rochdale Road), Todmorden. Number 9 was what was termed an RAF Type. It is quoted as being registered CW1841 and CW1948 ? It was withdrawn in 1926. The bus was purchased from a Burnley dealer…
This Bus was Number 1. It was to have made the inaugural run from the Town Hall at 1400hrs on January 1st 1907. but its wheels had frozen to the ground overnight, so number 2 was brought in to replace it on that very first run. Number one had been to…
Buses lined up beside the gas holder at Millwood. The buses are seen travelling uphill towards the main road from the early bus garage which was the former elecricity destructor building. The bus on the left was rebodied as a single deck following an…
WU7307, No10, was new in 1926 and was a Leyland LG1.with a Leyland body. Shown as seating 52 passengers and is photographed in Worden Park where Leyland Motors photographed all their new models.
Bus number 23, registration number WT4437, seen here at the Town Hall terminus is of May 1924 vintage. It is a Leyland SG2 model, chassis number 18198 carrying a Leyland body. It was an open top and was variously quoted as being either a 48 or 52…
WT 4437, a Leyland SG2, Fleet number 23 seen here, prior to delivery from Leyland in May 1924. Body shown is a FO48R type.

Leyland photographed all their new vehicles here at Worden Park, originally the 150 acre estate of the Farington family.
Todmorden No 9 was a Leyland GH7 known as an RAF type. It was purchased through a Burnley dealer after WWI, c1920, hence the Burnley registration no, CW-1948. It was allocated Fleet No 9 and is seen here at the bus offices on Church Street. Note the…
The Habergham originated from the Burnley area and worked services in such towns as Accrington. Occasionally it did operate private parties from Todmorden but not on stage carriage work.
The first bus through Walsden on its way to Steanor Bottom terminus. Just about to pass the end of Ramsden Wood Road, with what appears to be a standing load on the upper deck which was not allowed.
This Burnley bus came to Todmorden fairly frequently on what would be Private Hire, when they took parties to Blackpool and the West Coast, as this one was doing when collecting passengers from the Greyhound Inn on Rochdale Road.
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