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Slide 5 - On the right are several specimens of cypresses and a couple of beautiful cedars. On the north side of the Hall is the historic bowling green at which Charles 1 passed five consecutive days in his favourite amusements, while waiting for…
Slide 4 - On the lawn towards the west of the house is a statue in Roman dress of the first Sir Richard Graham commemorating his services in the Royal cause at Edge Hill, where he lay wounded all night.
Slide 3a - The principal entrance to the mansion faces south, through a fine porch, over which are the arms and crest of the Graham family.
Slide 2 - The fine old mansion is for the most part Elizabethan, and was the ancient home of the Norton's, famous for their share in the 'Rising of the North' in 1569. They were ardent in the cause of the 'old religion' and of Mary, Queen of Scots.…
Slide 1 - Norton Conyers is situated in an extensive and beautiful park dotted with immense trees. In front of the Hall is a magnificent ash tree.
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