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A surviving four passenger Governess Cart. Second from right is Donald Taylor.
A typical horse drawn wagonette with two lengthwise seats facing one another behind the driver's cross seat.
Postcard. Coal dray horse outside Riverside School Hebden Bridge in full working dress. Postcard.
Coal dray outside Riverside School Hebden Bridge. The horse in full working dress! Postcard.
Covered four wheeled carriers wagon drawn by a pair of horses.
Believed to be Dr Davidson, in a horse drawn four wheeled carriage for one person, possibly a Stanhope or Spider Phaeton, on Burnley Road Hebden Bridge. Note the tramlines.
Horse-drawn charabanc by the Lodge at Midgehole at the entrance to Hardcastle Crags. As seen here they were usually pulled by a four-in-hand team of horses. They could carry a large number of passengers this one has over twenty. Introduced from…
A pair of horses hauling a heavily laden cart .
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