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Rakehead viaduct under construction. 15th January 1970.

The motorway, which was first proposed in the 1930s, and originally conceived as two separate routes, was opened in stages between 1971 and 1976, with construction beginning at Pole Moor and…
Looking eastwards towards Junction 22 and on into Yorkshire. The M62 is a west–east trans-Pennine motorway in Northern England, connecting Liverpool and Hull via Manchester and Leeds. The road is 107 miles (172 km) long; for 7 miles (11 km), it…
A recalcitrant farmer reputedly held out for better compensation and ended up on an island between the two motorway carriageways.
Upper Small Shaw Farm on Haworth Old Road, looking towards Barker Cote Farm
This is the old route from Hebden Bridge to Haworth. This photo was the winner of 'Summer' competition of Pennine Prospects.
Situated on the moors between Haworth and Walshaw, this farmhouse has been associated with Emily Bronte's novel "Wuthering Heights". The buildings, even when complete, bore no resemblance to the house she described, but the situation may have been…
The upper end of Widdop Reservoir. September 1950.
Photo taken on Blackstone Edge Road above Cragg Vale for an exhibition to increase awareness of the problem of dumping on the moors. The wind farm at Ogden can be seen on the skyline.
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