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This very grand building was one of two hospitals in the town and became the General Hospital. The wards in the round towers were interesting for staff and patients alike. Much of the site was redeveloped and a new hospital was built in the early…
This was known as St Luke's Hospital when first built and became the General Hospital. It was one of two in the town, the other being the Royal Halifax Infirmary.
The layout of this site, known as the General Hospital, is now where Calderdale Royal Hospital is today. It looks very different today.

The writing on the back of the postcard describes it as St Luke's War Hospital.
In his will dated Feb 1st, 1533, John Waterhouse left twelve pence “to the amendying of Salterhebble.” W.B. Crump wrote that for the present this remains the earliest use of the dialect word “hebble”. In 1637 a fine of £40 was imposed on the…
Bridge that carries Wakefield Road over the Halifax Arm of the Calder & Hebble Navigation at Salterhebble. The arm used to go right into Halifax but now terminates just before the Water Mill public house and Premier Inn.
Footbridge at the locks at Salterhebble
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