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Postcard with September 1914 postmark. Looking down Cragg vale to Dauber Bridge and Mytholmroyd beyond. In the days of the turnpike Dauber Bridge house, seen here, was a toll house.
The toll house was built in 1847-8, at the junction of Rochdale and Calderbrook roads. For many years the toll board was blanked out by an imitation window frame.
A family group photographed outside the toll house on Cross Stone Road in 1887.
Toll charges shown on the board at Steanor Bottom Bar.
Commercial Street Toll House in Hebden Bridge. Built 1786.
Commercial Street near the junction with Birchcliffe Road, note the Toll House on the right
This hexagonal gritstone toll house between Littleborough and Todmorden stands on a natural route through the Pennines that has been used by traders for centuries. It was erected in 1824 during the second major period of turnpike construction in…
On the road from Littleborough to Todmorden.
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