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Undated postcard. This farm was in Crimsworth Dean below Pecket Well, and the occupiers were obviously taking advantage of the large numbers of visitors to the area to earn some extra money from refreshments, as did many others.
The gate beside the bridge
The path from the bridge at Blake Dean down to the waters.
Hope Baptist Sunday School held a Garden Party here.
Nook Lane, Wadsworth.

"The decline of handloom weaving was a long process and it was not until the 1830s that power-loom weaving began to seriously displace the hand loom weavers. After 1841 each national census for Hebden Bridge shows a shrinking number of handloom…
30th October 1920. An outing of 37 people from the Robin Hood Inn at Pecket Well to Keighley ended in disaster when their charabanc overturned on a bend coming down from Cock Hill to Oxenhope. Five people were killed and four seriously injured. The…
Across the centre is Acre Mill of Cape Asbestos. Known as 'The Killer Mill' after the asbestosis suffered by its workers due to breathing in asbestos dust. It closed in 1970 and was demolished in 1979 apart from the building seen down the centre of…
Possibly Jack-o-Bog Eggs, Wadsworth, possibly the last of the hand-loom weaver in the Hebden Bridge area.
Stoodley Pike in the distance.
One of the earliest settlements in the upper Calder valley is Akroyd which dates from before 1270, the name meaning
The sketch and description were originally published in The Halifax Courier in 1912-1913. In past years the home was solely occupied by a wealthy and influential clothier or yeoman, but today the building is split up into a farmhouse and a number…
The mill became notorious for asbestos related diseases amongst its workforce many of whom died from their illnesses. The mill closed and was demolished in 1979.
Home of Henry Cockroft (later of Little Burlees) when Surveyor in 1740. Later home of William Cockroft (Surveyor 1763-67).
The porch was built by William Cockroft who acted as Surveyor in the years 1736, 1747 and 1752. Here also lived Henry Cockroft who was Surveyor for the years 1769-71 and died in office. Picture taken 1948. The deep-set double chamfered windows were…
A stretch of old causey on the stairs just above Thurrish, looking down towards Crimsworth Dean August 1950.
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