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Pennine Horizons Digital Archive is a Pennine Heritage Project.

This is an amazing collection of images gathered over a number of years covering the Calder and her Valleys. The Pennine Horizons Digital Archive (PHDA) exists to select, preserve and make accessible the photographic heritage of our community. At PHDA we recognise the research value of all photographs and oral history recordings relating to the Upper Calder Valleys and we are working to establish a living archive for the benefit of future generations.

Amongst the larger collections are photographs from the Co-operative Heritage Trust, Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society, Todmorden Antiquarian Society, Hebden Bridge Local History Society, Alice Longstaff Collection, Hebden Bridge Camera Club, Calderdale MBC, to name but a few.

This community digital archive also contains many smaller, important collections, all of which are fully searchable. We also hold over 500 oral history recordings, which were produced as a result of a Pennine Heritage project in the early 1980's. Now digitized, this ‘treasure trove’ of recordings is a wonderful resource to help explain the history of our area and also assists in the preservation of the local dialect.

The PHDA, accredited in 2011 by the West Yorkshire Archive Service, and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, gives access to over 120 photographic collections deposited by members of the public, professional photographers, societies, businesses and local councils. For anyone interested in photographs of the upper Calder Valley and beyond, there are now over 44,000 images in the archive (November 2019), with over 23,000 to view on this website. All this has only been achieved, thanks to a dedicated band of volunteers.


These are the people, organisations and businesses that have helped to create and maintain this amazing archive. A huge thank you to all of you for helping in whatever way you have. We wouldn't be where we are without you.


Frank Woolrych and Ann Kilbey - without whom none of this would have been possible in the first place.
Alice Longstaff - for obvious reasons!

And the volunteers: Patricia Benson, Stephen Boyle, Alan Bramwell, Robert Burgess, Lorraine Chatwin, Roy Collinge, Paul Croft, Mike Crawford, Hilary Fellows, David Fletcher, Paul Frethete, Roberta Fulford, Lynn Grimshaw, Roger Grimshaw, Louise Harrison, Edwin Hiley, Gillian Holt, Janina Holubecki, Maureen Jones, Rosemary Jones, Vaughan Leslie , Peter Lindley, Nigel Lloyd, Ingrid Marshall, Beryl Martin, David Martin

John Moore of Cambridge - for writing a custom program that allows us to extract modified metadata from this site to update the archive.

Caroline Morgan, Trisha Morley, Judith Schofield, Karen Senior, James A Spence, John Sunderland, Molly Sunderland , David Taylor, Margaret Tregellas, Rodney Tregellas

and of course all those who donated collections to the archive - they're all listed under the Collections A-Z on the main menu.


Pennine Heritage - for all their support and the space to do it.

Hebden Bridge Local History Society - for all their help and support

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