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Welcome to Pennine Heritage and the Pennine Horizons Digital Archive

Pennine Heritage was launched in 1979 as a Development Trust, registered charity and company limited by guarantee, to promote environmental conservation plus economic and social enhancement of the South Pennines.

The trust grew from the active project work pioneered by the early Calder Civic Trust in the 1960’s and 70’s. A trio of new initiatives sprang from this beginning:-

  • the South Pennines Association of voluntary and community groups the corresponding Standing Conference of South Pennines Authorities 
  • (SCOSPA), which has now evolved into the Pennine Prospects organisation
  • Pennine Heritage Trust, the active ingredient, specialising in ‘hands on’ conservation initiatives and positive promotional activity to influence attitudes to the area’s future. 

From the start Pennine Heritage established its focus on practical project work, believing that there was no substitute for active involvement to draw attention to environmental threats facing the area and demonstrating the means to their solution.