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At the summit of the road between Ripponden and Littleborough. The notice on the board reads "Teas and Refreshments. Catering for public and private parties".

Dr Katrina Navickas in her 2009 article Northern History writes:

"Blackstone Edge was…
NEW GATE END BRIDGE, Blackstone Edge, near Baitings, appears on Ogilby's map of 1675. It carries the Rochdale Road over Knave Holes Clough.
BLACK CASTLE CLOUGH is crossed by a low culvert which was reconstructed in 1932. On the Ripponden side of the bridge is carved ‘RESTORED 1932 J.H. PRICE.’ The bridge, before its reconstruction, is illustrated opposite page 15 of the book ‘A…
Undated postcard. At the summit of Blackstone Edge and anecdotally built to have a view of Yorkshire from one side and Lancashire from the other.
Undated postcard. Although the paved causeway is known as 'Blackstone Edge Roman Road' it is the subject of debate with consideration to it being a packhorse route or even possibly part of the 1735 turnpike, or even a later quarry road. However it is…
At the summit of the road between Ripponden and Littleborough.
Pub at Blackstone Edge, on the A58 border between Lancashire & Yorkshire.
Gorpley packhorse causeway. The same style as the "Roman" road with a cut and cover drain in foreground. not uncovered for the photograph to prevent deterioration on a wet moor.
Roman road at Blackstone Edge
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