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The newly built Shade School in 1904. Righthand corner the skew bridge over the Rochdale Canal with its castellated buttresses.
General view pre-1914 over the No. 1 Viaduct and canal bridge looking up towards Walsden.
PNH00831. View across the town with the Railway Station centre left. The locomotive and wagons date the photo at around 1880.
PNH00830.March 1990. View over the Canal to Stoodley Pike.
June 1981. The Town Hall facade covered in scaffolding.
Date unknown but prior to the construction of Calder High School in 1950. Cragg Road in the foreground.
Undated postcard. Looking down the path between Hawden Hole and New Bridge, Midgehole, with New Bridge Mill in the centre.
Widdop Road winding across the moors between Heptonstall and Colne. Stone for building will have been quarried from the hole right of centre.
Postcard dated April 1975. The bridge over Alcomden Water at Blake Dean on Widdop Road between Heptonstall and Colne.
Undated postcard. One of three inter-connected reservoirs on Walshaw Moor built for Halifax Corporation in the early years of the 20th century.
Featured in Remains of Elmet, which contained poems by Ted Hughes.

An excellent view of Foster Mill
Reconstructed 28th march 1990.
co-ordination between the Army Air Corps and Royal Engineers. The fourth of five slabs is moved from Penistone hill and lowered precisely into place.
Top Withins, supposed situation of Wuthering Heights, empty since 1926. the ruins were capped with concrete in 1983 to prevent further deterioration.
The supposed situation of Wuthering Heights. Empty since 1926, the ruins were capped with concrete in 1983 to prevent further deterioration.
A good view of the Todmorden - Burnley railway line, the Copy Pit Line, and Lydgate or Nott Wood Viaduct. In the distance Mons Mill, demolished in 2000, and Stoodley Pike on the skyline top left.
Robinwood Mill on the right with Stoodley Pike on the skyline and the Burnley - Todmorden railway, the Copy Pit Line, on the left which was once threatened with closure but now has hourly Blackpool - York and Blackburn - Manchester services.
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