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The newly built Shade School in 1904. Righthand corner the skew bridge over the Rochdale Canal with its castellated buttresses.
General view pre-1914 over the No. 1 Viaduct and canal bridge looking up towards Walsden.
PNH00830.March 1990. View over the Canal to Stoodley Pike.
Free Masons Arms, Blind Lane, Burnley Road. Date unknown but pre First World War.
PNH00819.: Kershaw House is an example of an F plan house: two bays projecting from one main structure. In the 1500s it belonged to cloth manufacturer John Beaumont. The house was rebuilt in 1650 by James Murgatroyd." (From Weaver To Web -…
PNH00818. Village scene with Murgatroyd's Oats Royd Mill on the skyline. The Mill was severely damaged by fire in February 1989 and the six storey mill building seen here was totally destroyed.
PNH00817. October 1974. Rochdale Canal at the rear of buildings on Burnley Road.
Date unknown but prior to the construction of Calder High School in 1950. Cragg Road in the foreground.
May 1998. View over St Michaels Church graveyard with Scout Road School in the top left.
Looking down Smithwell Lane towards Towngate after the sets had been covered with tarmacadam in the 1960s.
PNH00808. c.1893. Looking over the houses to Nutclough Mill. To the left of the mill is Keighley Road before it vast retaining wall was constructed and above is Eiffel Street with 'the Tower' under construction. The two chimnies right of centre are…
View over the roofs of the Hangingroyd area to Linden Mill. Built in 1907 for the manufacture of clothing it closed in 1983 and is now part occupied by Artsmill.
PNH00800. Mid 1960s looking over Riverside School up towards Old Town. Cross Lanes Methodist Chapel top left.
The former Hebden Bridge Co-Operative Society central building. It opened in 1876 and was extended, including the clock tower, a few years later. The Co-op closed in the late 1960s and the ground floor sold off as shops and the upper floors became…
1939. Replacing the original 1840 bowstring, or trussed frame, bridge over the Rochdale Canal with the metal trough bridge we see today.
Opened 1902 for the workpeople of Frostholme Mill
Looking in the Halifax direction with the north portal of Bowling Tunnel all but hidden by smoke. The line in the centre continues to Bradford Exchange and the line going off to the left is the Bowling Curve to Laisterdyke where it joined the…
A passenger service approaching Bradford on the GNR’s Queensbury line with the branch to City Roads Goods which had opened in 1876 joining on the right. Horton Park Station is just visible beyond the last carriage, this had opened in 1880 and was…
The first station out of Bradford on the Midland’s line towards Shipley it was opened in 1868 and closed nearly a hundred years later in 1965.
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