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Date unknown but prior to the construction of Calder High School in 1950. Cragg Road in the foreground.
The gable end immediately behind the horse is Middle Nook.
Looking down on the town and station from the south hillside. This shows how the station platforms are above the valley floor built on an embankment. The single box and buildings on the 'up' Manchester platform are supported on stilts. All now…
Looking up towards the station. The large station warehouse is still there at the top but Local Authority housing not yet built on the land between Palace House Road and the line.
Engraving by J Shore c.1855. Looking up from Stubbing Holme where the Colden Water joins the River Calder, the 'mytholm'. Above is Mytholm Hall, St James Parish Church and above that Eaves Lower and Upper Mills and to the right Bankfoot Mill, now the…
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