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The newly built Shade School in 1904. Righthand corner the skew bridge over the Rochdale Canal with its castellated buttresses.
General view pre-1914 over the No. 1 Viaduct and canal bridge looking up towards Walsden.
Can anybody identify?
On the left the River Calder with Stubbing Holme Road. On the right is Calder Place, early 19th century 'bottom' houses, some single storey, with barreled arched stone ceilings, beneath the 'top' houses fronting Bridge Lanes.
More or less in the centre the 'new' Birchcliffe Baptist Chapel in course of construction with the old Chapel above it to the left. Lower centre Nutclough Mill with part of Hangingroyd Mill and Hebden Works below.

Hebden Bridge's famous…
Bottom right of centre is Hangingroyd Mill and Hebden Works with Nutclough Mill before it was extended to the left. Above and top centre is the old Birchcliffe Baptist Chapel.
On the right the rear of dwellings on Industrial Street, the lower block has now been demolished and replaced with landscaping and a small car park. Industrial Street was then re-named Garden Terrace. Stubbings School at the bottom.
As part of the Stubbings General Improvemenet Area plan this was pedestrianised and partially landscaped and the lower block of houses on the left demolishe. It was re-named Garden Terraced. Viewed here from Marlborough Road looking down to Cliffe…
Looking up Marlborough Road towards its junction with Birchcliffe Road. The top junction on the left was Industrial Street, now pedestrianised Garden Terraced. Balmoral Street at the bottom no longer has vehicular access to Marlborough Road.
Birchcliffe Road, with Eiffel Street the first on the left and Edward Street the second. The date on the stone at the top of this first end house is 1839, and on the end house on the corner of Edward Street, the date is 1899.
Montrose Buildings, Lee View & Illingworth Villas, Lee Mill Road, Hebden Bridge.

A good example of the famous Hebden Bridge "Top & Bottom" houses, it can be seen from the differing paintwork that the top 2 storeys are in seperate ownership to the…
Hangingroyd area of the town looking up to new, at the time of this photo, housing on Keighley Road. The large house at the end is Ashley house on Hangingroyd Lane.
Looking down from above Heptonstall Road. Lower right are the terraced houses off Hangingroyd Lane with the housing on Birchcliffe hillside above. Almost in the centre is part of Hangingroyd Mill and diagonally above it Hebden Works and Nutclough…
Looking down from above Heptonstall Road. Lower right terraced houses off Hangingroyd Lane with housing on Birchcliffe Hillside above. Almost in the centre ia part of Hangingroyd Mill and diagonally above it Hebden Works and Nutclough Mill. Centre…
On the site of one of the Hangingroyd Mill buildings. On the left Broughton Street going up to Foster Lane.
Looking along the road with Nutclough Mill water tower in the centre and on the right part of Hangingroyd Mill, the home of Hoyles, now long demolished. The car in the centre has a 1978/9 registration.
Viewed from the top of Hangingroyd Lane with Moss Lane running across in front of the mill gates. Shepherd's wagons parked up on part on the site of a demolished building and part the mill yard. The view today is of houses on Waterside Fold.
Looking down to its junction with Valley Road. The mill building in the centre above the whitewashed cottage was part of Hangingroyd Mill now site of Waterside Fold.
Shepherds lorries in the yard of the former Hangingroyd Mill looking across the river to the new playground on Victoria Road, formerly site of one of the mill's buildings, and the new flats.
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