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Kershaw Road, Foulclough. 1936 or 38.
The building on the extreme left, formerly the Freemason's Arms, was known as the 'red house', and is now apartments. The next 2 buildings have since been demolished, the next is now a cafe known as No 72 Burnley Road. 1916
Cleaning up after the floods of September 1954. From the left: Fred Sayer, Mary Sayer, Paul Sayer, June Halmshaw, later Hoyle, Lidia holding Dianne Sayer.
Flooded Wellington Road. Date unknown.
Flood water at the junction of Garden Street and Victoria Road. Date unknown.
Flood water pouring down Victoria Road towards Burnley Road, Date unknown.
Looking down Burnley Road towards the town centre viaduct. Date unknown.
Flood water pouring onto Burnley Road, Todmorden (Gandy Bridge)
After the flood at the junction of Moss Lane and Hanginroyd Lane. The building on the left has had many uses: Pentecostal Church, at the time of this picture a school, and later an ice-cream factory.
Flood damage to the mill. Not a textile mill but a flour mill on Bridge Lanes, today the site of the Day Centre and car park. Photo taken late 1800s. From a stereographic photo.
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