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East Parade, Mytholmroyd. 1940s. The man on the right is Wilfred Dempsey

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Clough Mill is on the right of the picture.
Mopping up on Burnley Road. The water level can be seen on the shop window.
Elphin Brook looking downstream from the station.
The River Calder looking upstream from Caldene Bridge.
The River Calder looking downstream from County Bridge on New Road with a bus stranded on Burnley Road. St Michaels Church Hall is on the right.
Looking from Caldene Avenue across the River Calder and the Burnley Road to the Primary School.
Burnley Road from the junction with Caldene Avenue looking towards Halifax.
Thornber's Poultry Farm, Elphaborough Hall.
Junction of Caldene Avenue and Burnley Road.
Taken from the bridge leading to the Stubbing Wharf.
Hope Street. The building with the gabled porch was for many years the Police Station.
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