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Pre 1928. The church now has its three aisles, but the mosaics have not been added to the east wall.
The parish church was built in 1847 in Early English style. It was badly damaged in the 2015 floods but has since re-opened. The Sunday school in front of the church was reduced to one storey and is now used as a community hall and meeting spaces…
Showing the narrow entrance to Midgely Road. When Clough Mill, shown on the left, was demolished the road was widened.
Undated postcard 'Exclusive to B Adams, Newsagent, 8 New Road, Mytholmroyd'. Mytholmroyd War Memorial; St Michael's Church; Shoulder of Mutton; Cragg Vale.
Undated postcard showing the Church Institute Bowling Green 22 July 1911. Behind is St Michael's Church.
The wedding took place at St. Michael's Church, Mytholmroyd on 7th October, 1959.

Left to right: unknown, unknown, Mr Thomas Pickles, father of the bride, Mr Derrick Chatburn, Mrs Dorothy Pickles (nee Robertshaw), mother of the bride, Mrs Beryl…
On the far hillside the newly built houses on the Banksfield Estate, built as post-war housing, date this photo to around 1948
The church was built in 1848 in an Early English Style; it was a Million Pound church. The Sunday school, which can be seen on the left, was reduced to one story in the 1970s; this is now the church hall.
Various views of Mytholmroyd can be seen in this postcard
Bridesmaids at a wedding at St Michael's, Mytholmroyd
Looking down on the town and station from the south hillside. This shows how the station platforms are above the valley floor built on an embankment. The single box and buildings on the 'up' Manchester platform are supported on stilts. All now…
The River Calder looking downstream from County Bridge on New Road with a bus stranded on Burnley Road. St Michaels Church Hall is on the right.
The church was built in 1847/8 in an Early English Style.
LYRS 2769 - Rear view of the 'up' platform Because the station was built on an embankment the buildings, including signal box, were supported on stilts. The 'up' platform was accessed by a covered walk way from the first floor of the three storey…
On the left is the rear of Bridge End cottages, and in the centre is St Michael's Church Hall.
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