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Christ Church built in1830-32 was one of the 'Million Pound’, or Commissioner’s, churches and came to replace St Mary’s as the Parish Church, although the town remained in Rochdale Parish until 1866. By the 1980s it was accepted that the parish could…
Undated postcard 'Exclusive to B Adams, Newsagent, 8 New Road, Mytholmroyd'. Mytholmroyd War Memorial; St Michael's Church; Shoulder of Mutton; Cragg Vale.
Blackshawhead Chapel was built in 1815 by the Methodists of nearby Heptonstall to serve this hilltop village.

The Chapel was extended a few years later by the addition of a Sunday School, which for many years was the only form of education…
Built in 1820 and closed in March 1959. demolished in1971. It was an off-shoot of Slack Chapel.
St John the Baptist in the Wilderness, Cragg Vale
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